Monday, October 29, 2007

Oraite everyone... very the sorry for not updating ler.. Now i update.. To Jimmy.. stop threatening turtles around.. KARMA! Karma u know... KARMA~

Working life is not as fun as u think it will be when you dont enjoy the stuff you are doing and when the pay is damn freaking low. It's not fun too when you dont really click with the staff around. What's worst when u need to be working for a very very long hours!! Im quitting my job in November 6 thou after i get my pay. Eventually, the pay come out much later than others whereby end of the month they can get their pay already and I have to wait for another week to get my pay. So that is why im quitting on Nov6 and not 31st October. Sigh.

Well its not that i dont click with the staff there... besides in the shop.. there's only me, 2 malay staff and a chinese supervisor who speaks to me in bahasa(weird huh) but kinda used to it already, so i do talk to them but somehow..pardon me.. i think the staff there are kinda racist. Being the only chinese staff... its intimidating sometimes thou. No friends to crap with while working is really really one suffering shit. Waiting for the time to get my ass home is really like waiting to get my new handphone. Oh ya..talking about handphone... get to know that Nokia wont produce any of my Nokia7390 already. *cehwah...'my nokia7390'* (macam la its mine...-_-!! hehe) So it means.. its hard to get this phone and its darn expensive weih.. *crying out very loud* Time to pick a new one maybe... or maybe will still find a way to get 7390.. gone case betul. I'm still thinking by the way. Choosing a handphone is like choosing a husband know... Hahahha

If i can hit a pregnant lady today... i so wanna hit Kak Mila. She's pregnant and she's damn annoying. It's not that i wanna talk bad bout her or being a racist or what so ever. People always say to respect the elderly and pregnant lady... but what for when she dont respect the workers! Especially when im not under her!! Damn u!! Learn some respect lady!! I dont feel like talking about her...I just hope that i dont have to see her again..

Yesterday there's a chinese lady came and talked to me in Hokkien... asking me about the eye sticker thingy. As u all know...i dont freaking speaks hokkien and end up replying her in mandarin. But the funny thing is she keep on talking to me in hokkien when i clearly told her that i dont understand her. She buat bodo je and keep on talking to me in a very 'alien' language. I was like keep repeating the word " wa mem chai lea" ( "I dunno") and " mem si" ("nope") and also "beh sai la" ("cannot la" ,when she ask for discount -_-!!) as its the only few phrases that i know in hokkien language. When she's talking i was just trying to figure out what she meant... agak agak je la and buat pandai...hehe.. After that what really make me wanna bang the wall was... she freaking speaks english with her husband! Her husband came in the shop not long after and they speak ENGLISH! WTF!! I should have just speak with her english in the first place. Dang!!

By the way... my results are out last week or izit last 2 weeks.. Dang! I forget about it. I'm glad with my results thou.. good thing i din fail any of my papers.. hehe. Congrats to Hanzi who got so high in his cgpa.. 3.8 something weih... waiting for him to blanja me satay celup when he visits Malacca. LOL =b Free satay celup~~

Great...out of sudden i dont know what to blog...well well well... update later then. Working at 9.30am till 9.30pm 2morrow weih... sigh!

At last i get these lomography pics from Mook Hen and thanks to him too... Well i didn't know about this lomography thingy until he told me about it. Besides...its the 1st time i saw that kind of camera too. Unique!

if you can spot me.. im on the swing.. lol....

didn't know that it will turn out to look like this when he took this pic the other day... nice effect thou...

the last pic took with his lomo.... our legs and his shadow? I saw my shoe on his shadow! Gahahaha.... -_-!!! saje nak promote kasut aku... hehe

By the way.. all pics taken during that BBQ nite in PJ =)

Here's my lil bro doing a card trick...

another one......

so... what u guys think? LOL =b

Should give him a clap la eh... *clap clap clap* 3 cheers!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Just great.. right now i kinda having a sore throat.. just today after i had my lunch my throat starts to feel a lil bit weird. Dammit. And then i was sneezing like nobody business after i got out from the shower just now. Fish betul. Well i just hope these wont get worst im working 2morrow. Today is my off day... i lurve Monday now.... hehe. If only everyday is Monday for this month... *dang* Im talking nonsense... my crappyness is back...

Sitting alone thinking of what you've said to me
never i thought that it would meant so much to me
It scares me that it all could be just lies
I get so weak inside that i could barely stand

Living in a life full of lies
Anger easily takes over me
When the night takes over the day
I could hardly recognize you

You took my hand
You sang to me
You taught me
and now you break me
leaving me with all these questions
Questions that i could not find the answers

How could you be so mean
How could you take things for granted
How could you leave me
When i needed you the most
Dont you care anymore
Dont you even wanna know how im doing

When the rain stops
I know that everything will just end
And soon
You will see that
I can do better without you

end of my entry for now... counting down the days to quit my job... =b

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Third day of my working life... and I am sooooooo very very the tired. Seriously its tiring and boring sometimes. Please motivate me to continue my job... sigh. And thanks Hanzi for motivating me. I really need that. I tot of quitting already after the second day... but come to think of it...heck.. if i quit i dont get my pay...and i waste my preciousss i try to continue it for a month. I'll survive i guess. After i get my pay for one month...and if im not satisfy with my pay.. i QUIT! Hehe. And if i feel like continuing for the following month...which i doubt i will..then i will, so that i can buy Nokia 7390 that I've been craving for so long. Look at this. See what i meant.. sigh.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Im going to start working 2morrow. Great and sigh at the same time.. Haha. Dont really like working but if I dont work i'll be rotting at home doing nothing useful...and it will make me more lazy and dumb. So my shift 2morrow will be from 1.30pm till 10.30pm.. Dang!!! 10.30pm weihhh.... T__T

Hopefully the workers there are all friendly and nobody scolds me if i did anything wrong. Plus i dowanna get fired!!Hahahahha....*choi choi choi**touchwood* Wish me luck guys. Till then...ciaoz!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Finally i cut my hair!! Haha...for after one year...i guess more than a year d... I finally went in the saloon and get my hair cut. It's still long la by the way... I dont go for a super short hairstyle anymore. If i were to cut my hair short... I'll definitely regret later on... it always happen to me... so right now i've decided not to have short hair...

If you notice... the front hair shorter d la... last time used to be same lenght with the back hair... I met a friend just now... and he dont seems to notice my hair until i told him. Dang! I cant really remember when was the last time i met him thou...months back i guess. Neway... dont really have the mood to have a long entry today... ciaoz =)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I'm back!! Wwee~~ I"M BACK!! Read my lips.. BACK~~!! Ok ok... too over pulak. hehe. Basically done with all those shit exams last 2 weeks. I'm too excited till i dont blog.Gahaha. Wait..something wrong with that sentence. Well anyway... im so relieve that its all over... sad to say..kinda screw up for the last paper which was Pengajian Malaysia. Darn... the MCQ can be like so tricky...problematical...mind twisting..tough.. blablabla...geeee....all those stuff..i mean the question is seriously based on the Sejarah textbook!! Like what year this pemimpin attack there and there... what perjanjian made.. blablablablah....adui.. i seriously went on with my "Mi Nee Mi Nee Mai Nee Mo" thingy. And i dont wanna fail this paper!!!! *crossing fingers* But then ... ahh... im not gonna worry bout that least.

Erm.. lets see..after my Mass Comm paper that Friday.. me,wenhan,liyuen,shwu zhen and her friend(chicken) went down to Kelana Jaya for Steamboat. We spent like 3 hours sitting there BBQ-ing and eating non-stop. And i was kinda tired eating. Hehe. And i wasn't in the mood at all studying for Pengajian Malaysia paper on Monday. I was already in the mood for partying thou. Well that was it on Friday. Monday....after my pengajian paper,our last paper..except for wenhan as he already took that paper during his biotech year... me,Li Yuen,Kelly,Wenhan,Mook Hen,Jimmy,Lai Yoke, Shoi Kuan and Lay Theng decided to hang out in One Utama. We watched White Noise:The Light. Well.. not bad la that movie.. did scared me in certain parts. Mook Hen eventually dozed off twice. -___-!!!

After movie...head back home... and was seriously tired and sleepy. That nite i really had a good nite sleep..and i woke up at 2 something in da afternoon weihh!! Damn. Anyhow... Tuesday.. another plan ahead for dinner. Me, da jie, Yvonne and Pei Kei plan to go for Shabu Shabu in SS2. Since da jie is craving for shabu shabu for a long time... she "puasa" till shabu shabu time so that she can wallop more food. Hahahahaha. By the way... Wenhan and Jimmy tag along too. Its pretty funny thou..we had food fight with these kids...and some adults. Fight for the desserts.. yea.. the puddings and jellys...even ice-cream. Gahh.... those kids are really annoying!! They think those colorful puddings and jellys only for them meh....cehh!

That was Tuesday... Wednesday din do anything much.. was in MC the whole day... kemas all my boring boring books... collect them and placed it in the box. Let them rot in there...bwahaha *evil grin* ( ok i know..lame) Well that nite... me,Wenhan and Jimmy did a last minute BBQ plan for Thursday nite. Discussing over on Skype... like the location.. the food...drinks.. time...and WAAA LAAAH!! BBQ on Thursday nite!! We took a long time to find the location thou...and then ended up in the park nearby Ah Loong's house. We bought the stuff in the evening at Paramount Giant whereby me,wenhan and jimmy went hunting for the cheapest stuff so that we dont over budget ourselves. Hehe.. salt for 60 cents? paper cups and plates? Hahaha.. at least we manage to get all the things we need for that nite. Head down to Jimmy's house to marinate the chicken wings with sesame oil,pepper and salt whereby turn out to taste pretty good thou. Hahaha. 3 cheers to Wenhan then.After done marinating, head down to Ah Loong's house and met Mook Hen there. So there's me, Wenhan,Mook Hen, Jimmy and Ah Loong.

these guys preparing the fire

wenhan,mookhen,jimmy, ah loong

Later on Kelly joined us at around 10 something almost 11 i guess as she was with her friends lepaking in Timesquare. We had chicken wings, sotong balls, chicken balls, sausages, cuttlefish balls, Sprite,Coke, Carlsberg ^^..... hehe. Dont worry... no one get drunk. I shared mine as i cant finish the whole can thou. Well... Mook Hen came up with this game whereby the loser need to drink up ' da rojak drink' Why i call it rojak..heh.. its a mixture of coke,sprite, beer,salt, pepper and honey!!! and basically whatever that can be mix in the drink. I pitty Kelly the most...she drank a lot of those rojak drink...hahaa... and lucky me.. i only kena twice. Hehe... and well the first half cup i drank was damn salty becoz of the salt.. and the second half cup was damn sweet becoz of the honey. Hahahaha... i din taste the pepper thou. But others who kena the pepper... really feel like puking. Gahaha.... *evil grin*

The next game was the Dare game. Spin the bottle and see who's da 'lucky' one to be dared. Hahaha... and all actions will be recorded. But then too bad... not all managed to be recorded as Wenhan's N73 went a lil bit crazy that nite. The dares are crazy i tell you.... its like from poll dancing to robot dance... standing on the swing singing Negaraku -_-!!... worm dance... rabbit hopping...rolling on the grass..unloose shoe lace using your teeth.. and NOSE DIGGING!! Yea...go guess which dare i was dared that nite.. hahaha...

We hang out till like almost 4 something in the morning!!Haha...what a day. Had fun thou. After wenhan fetch me back to MC... i took a bath and then start packing my stuff as Friday im coming back Malacca.. hehe.. which where i am right now. Its good to be home. But then semester break for this whole 3 months is too long weihhh!!! too longggg.... sigh.

Looking for job in Tesco 2morrow i guess... hopefully someone wants to employ me. =)