Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Some random old posting.

I appeared in NST last 2 month. =)

LinkFor full story, click here..

end of posting. -cheers-

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Its been such a long time since i last update anything in my blog. Abandoned it for so long already. Been so busy and probably lost the interest in blogging ( in another word, im lazy =b hehe ). Thinking that reading other people's blog is rather more interesting than updating my own post (such negative thought).

Many thing had happened in my life while im gone in the Blog World. Sigh.. some are really bad that i wish it would never happened but nevertheless, i must be positive and see it as a good thing instead. I actually got myself a car ( yess my very first car in my life) and now it went missing for 6-7 months already. FML. My baby was only 8 months with me and some bastards decided to take it away from me. FFFfffuuuuu to the bastards that stole my baby.

Anyway, i've claimed my insurance back.. but still.. Y U steal my car leaaa?????? FFFFUUU!
(feeling very frustrated when i recall back the day i lost my car. Pfff!)

So that's the part where it made such a big impact in my life, that i went cursing for weeks and months about the people who stole my car.. and i still want to curse them but i wont. Maybe that car wasnt meant for me, or maybe something bad would have happen to me and instead me, this car took the bad from me? Thats what people are telling me.. well atleast thats what i wanna believe. So let it be then. What belongs to me will eventually come back to me.. and whats not belong to me, will not return. I would also like to thank those who'd help me during those hard times by helping me looked out for my car on the streets, spreading the news on FB, twitter and MSN.. gave me rides to some places when i got no transport.. giving me words of comfort.. I heart u guys =)

Anyhow, other stuff that i could recall now is, i changed my hairstyle for last year 2011 =)

I super love my curled hair. But too bad i got to change back to my normal straight hair for this year 2012 =)

My lovely family during CNY this year.

Well i think i would just skip to the recent activities i've done. And probably the most popular story now in FB.. which is not other than BERSIH 3.0

went for the rally last Saturday to protest clean politics and also anti-lynas. Thats why im wearing green. LOL. Malacca had a very peaceful rally unlike in KL which was havoc. I just dont understand why some are so or maybe too " bersemangat" till create chaos everywhere. Until there's headline of " Malaysian Police Brutality Against Peaceful Protesters" Such hooligans. Some even says that it was the police undercover to be Bersih's protesters and start the act to hit the police? WTF!?! Bravo! Really "no eye see" Sigh. Hopeless.

Please save Malaysia from all these, else soon we all will be migrating to other country. Hahaha!

Peace! till then -cheers!-
Probably will be updating more often. =)