Thursday, January 31, 2008


Chinese New Year is around d corner.. I just dont understand why the CNY mood had gone lesser each year for me. Tong Tong Chiang! Where's the mood?!!?'s been quite sometime since my last update usual..kinda lazy to update and there's just no word came in the way now. If you're asking me how am i doing during my disappearance in this blogworld...Well I'm really feeling great and contented with my life and im living my life to the fullest right now. What's more happiness that you would ask for when you know that there's someone who cares for you every minute in our life and lurve you for who you are. There would always be someone that you can turn to and you would know that he's there all along. Thank you for lurving me. Well peope... Get what i mean? Go figure out then if you dont. LOL =b

I've done shopping my CNY clothes and im still deciding whether i shoud get a new pair of shoes or not. Will be back home this coming monday or tuesday thou. Still have plenty time for me to decide. Decide whether to get my hair rebond again or just trim it. Really like rumput d la now. Sigh. Dont have money to maintain it go and do treatment or use those super expensive shampoo and conditioner... Shit.. When la i can get my PTPTN!? Oops.. i dont mean that when i get my PTPTN i will buy those super expensive shampoo and conditioner kie. Just thought of PTPTN suddenly.. and when la i can get my new phone!? Geez.

Have i update anything about my studies and subjects yet? *checking* Oh... haven't. This semester i have 5 subjects.. lets see.. Advertising Copywriting, Tools for Multimedia, English for Mass Comm, Conceptual Design and Intro to Chinese Language Level 1. Yea... Level 1 chinese.. I'm so Banana weih and Im not proud to be one okie... get insulted before for being a banana. Dammit! I was like *WTF all the way* and she dengan slamber insult me like nobody business and tot that i was invisible. Diao! (Gezz.. i'm using the word DIAO! LOL...) Neway... its my business la rite if i dont know chinese even if im a chinese. Dont come and tell me that people like me disgrace the chinese people. Screw u!

I'm learning chinese from the bottom now... writing my own name... basic strokes... reading hanyun pinyin... ( if you wanna laugh now...u may... laugh la until your lungs come out...i dont friggin care...ceh! )

chinese got so many homework weih...T_T Have to write so many words. Sigh.

English for Mass Comm.... The lecturer.. perrr... not one of my favourite. She's scary weih... cant really play around in her class... must listen and listen and still must LISTENNNN to her. If not, she will come to you and throw you a scary stare weih...scary can. I kena before... nightmare sial.

Advertising Copywriting and Tools for Multimedia are ok... i mean the lecturers and tutors... I dont mean the subjects are ok... its Not So Okay. Need to make lotsa catching up. Being a noob in Adobe Illustrator is really damn noobie for the Tools for Multimedia subject.

Conceptual Design.... well well well... The lecturer... annoying shit la with her slang thingy. Like she have to pull her okayyyyyy instead of just say OK. " So you guys do like this okaaayyyyyy" "okaaaayyyy... we start our lecture now" Grr... not listening to your lecture!

Presenting you this Super BIG bowl of curry mee....


BIG lea... hahaha.... can get it in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Hehe xD

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Before you start reading...... please read this first. This post was suppose to be published on the 8th of January instead of today. It's because of the damn super sucky slow lagging internet connection in MC (Mahsa College) yea... damn it.. It's no longer Millennium Court. -_-!!! Okay now you may read the below part...


Long time din update anything... the laziness conquering me thats why.. LOL. Anyway... something beeps me to update..and im here finally updating my blog. Its Baby Blog Birthday! My blog turns 3 today!! Woot~ yea THREE! Been blogging for 3 years. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO =) Weeee...

Might as well update a lil bit of what i'm doing now and what i did.
On the 22nd December 2007, hanged out with my secondary school buddies in Mahkota Parade and watched National Treasure. I prefer the first National Treasure than this second one. Kinda boring in the beginning. After movie we walked to Dataran. It's been quite sometimes we havent see each other but too bad Kath cant make it. Ah Miaw... we miss u tau. hahaha. Sadly, we didn't took much pictures thou. =/

me,Yi Zhen(birdie), Jolene (cucumber)

Me, Birdie, Alice (sotong)

On Christmas eve... i'm at home as usual. Watching TV and online and sleep... boring huh. Ah well... Sigh. On Christmas day itself i went back PJ with my brother as he's driving back to KL.

The next day went Midvalley with wenhan the hanzi. Havent seen him for quite sometime back then. Now i see him almost everyday as classes started already. Hahaha.
We had dinner at Chili's and it was his treat! (Thanks alot wenhan!) Oh i just thanked you by ur name! Hahaha.... im just being polite la. I was so damn full and cant hardly finish up my food.

This was his food....lamb chop something something... i cant remember the menu la. I can't even remember what i ate. I only know sandwhich something something. Ps : to the the chili's manager, sorry la weih i cant remember the name...hahaha.

After i hang out in PJ for few days... Eventually i came back Malacca. Came back with Hanzi and Juchin as they wanna visit Malacca. When was that already... ermm....oh ya... 30th December 2007. I lead the way and thank goodness we safely reach my house without going to any 'ulu' places. Hehe.

They stayed over ma place for 3 days 2 nights. We had countdown for the year 2008 here. Pretty weird place for a countdown actually...hahahaha. Wondering where? Outside The Cube in Melaka Raya. -_-!!! The Cube... a newly open pub and kinda fullhouse that nite. We entered and then came out in less than 10-20 minutes? Too stuffy and crowded in there thou. I cant even move! I can't even breathe as smokers are everywhere! And u know'll easily get molested by perverts too. Hahahaha. So after The Cube we went Pearl Cafe to hang out.

Anyway... It's 2008! Happy New Year!!!! I know i know.... now only wanna wish. Rather than no wish at all rite.

Oh and before that... New Year eve before the countdown... we went Umbai and had Ikan Bakar for dinner. =) We kinda get the wrong stall as it dont taste really good.We ordered the Ikan Pari, Lala cooked with ginger and Kangkung masak Belacan. I was hungry that time and i just wallop the food. LOL.

Thanks to Sotong for hanging out with us and lead the roads to few places. I'm kinda blurred with Malacca roads sometimes. Hahaha. We had Cendol in Jonker Street as in the picture above. From left : hanzi,juchin,sotong. Behind camera: me! -_-!! hehe

We had Satay Celup, Orh Chien and Wantan Mee. What else... erm.. they had the famous chicken ball rice already too. I din eat that time as i was kinda full after eating YongPeng's keuyteow ealier on. Oh and we had eaten Bakuteh with Yam rice when we reach Malacca on the first day.

We went on the Melaka River Cruise ride which cost each of us 10 bucks. They both said that Malacca river is way much cleaner than their Klang river. Hahaha..... =b So go visit Malacca River!

Im kinda sleepy now and ran out of words in a sudden. Will update soon then... ciaoz =b