Thursday, February 25, 2010

Im okay?

Pardon me on my previous post.. i was in fume and wrote something like that. i damn malas wan to start another arguement already.. its been like 4 months? crap..

Everything should be ok now i guess.. forget and forgive rite? yea.. I cant make myself to think negatively over this matter now. Coz i know there's still people around me who loves me dearly. I've made them so worry especially my family. Mom called me just now to ask me if im ok and why wanna fight again over the same matter.. and on fb? LOL. Kinda ridiculous rite. So yea.. make peace.. Mom ask me to be more patience which i think i am being patience for all this while. And all i can do is continue being patience and perhaps forgive? If that's the right thing to do.. then yea i do forgive u again. If you still wanna be friends then im cool with it cause i dont wish to have a grudge on someone. Its not ok at all.

To my yayang ( u know who u guys are) .. thanks for the support. I know i've made u guys worry too.. but dun worry d k.. Im fine =) Hope to see you guys soon in Malacca. And also to my other close friends who had called me and msged me.. its ok now guys.. im cool with it. B had been worried bout me too coz he's far away from here and can't accompany me.. but its ok.. he got his work to do and i dowanna trouble him so much.

And now my sore-throat is damn fucking sore lo.. FML. No appetite to eat anything.. wan swallow also damn pain... and my toes had blisters.. double FML!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I should have seen this coming. but what can i do? Lie to myself and everyone? Why cant you just understand the situation right now? Hellooo... your not a kid anymore.. please grow up! A man is suppose to be strong so that the woman feels secure.. now i know what i did was right.. coz what i need is not someone like you.. you're just plain too fragile that it scares me to even look at you and have a proper conversation which might end up im looking at your so called emo/sad/looking for sympathy face that i can't stand it anymore. It hurts doesn't it? And you're pulling me together and trying to make me feel guilty isn't it? FYL! I know you will say that you are not aware of it and you wanna die or someone please kill me.. blablabla.. plain immature. If you wanna die so badly.. go on.. and make million of people hate me. That's what you want.. isnt it? FML.

What happen to the words that you once said? yea im sure you have forgotten it again and again. Fuck it la. Dont ever make promises if you gonna forget it can or not? What being positive and no more negatives la.. wants me to be happy friends like how we use to be... BULLSHIT! I'm sure u gonna start blaming on me again rite.. saying that its because of me you cant do it and you did tried but failed... Duh... please wake up la dei.. can you stop being all emo and get sympathy from others? Do you know that what you're doing is making you look like a fool and making people around me to hate me even more? I got my life to live so do you.. stop looking back and move on can or not? Thats the last thing that im gonna ask you to do.

I so dont wanna screw my last year in Uni.. so many things to do and yet i cant seems to concentrate on them.