Saturday, June 28, 2008

11th June 2008

Its been a month plus i didn't update my blog eh. Sorry for that. Was kinda lazy and wasn't in the mood at all to blog. Well.. im particular 20 already..yippeee.. and celebrated my birthday with lotsa fun. Thanks alot to my sayang and my bro too. Both birthday cakes that i get this year was suprising. =)

and then this one from my brother =)

Celebrated at WIP in Bangsar with my brother, Sis Abby and her friend, and also wenhan =) The helmet was kinda ugly on me but darn i need to wear it as one of the waiter there suddenly put d helmet on top of my head and start singing birthday song for me. hehh. Damn funny weih as the helmet was kinda big for my head, it kept on dropping down to my face a few times while taking pictures. -__-!!

oh btw... WIP means "Work In Progress"

and i wish i wish i wish.....

The food there are nice.. more spicy meals are served i guess. Like the one i ordered...the sambal with chicken are darn good ...

These are the rest of the food that we ordered ...

The salmon pizza was really tempting ... i lurve salmon ~ I kinda forget all the names of the food. Teehee. I just wallop the food only..

Thanks alot for the dinner bro... and the others too. =)

Thanks alot to all my friends and cousins that had send me sms-es and called me wishing happy birthday to me... really appreciate em' and also those who send me online msges..thanks a bunch