Monday, November 22, 2010

Im so broke right now.. *crying out loud*

Look what i've bought for myself in this month itself..

Got somehow influenced by my manager and got the urge to try out this product myself as there's Christmas promotion too ( come on.. who doesn't want to use SK-II right? So called the Miracle water.. LOL! ) and this leads me being broke for this month. Im so gotta save already as Im planning to get my new car by early next year ( unless someone willing to sponsor me which i dont mind at all if there's someone so kind-hearted.. hahhaha! *dreaming*).

Ever since i got my own salary, i think i tend to spend more. Food especially.. and also some other stuff like clothes, bag, shoes.. *gasp* Back then during uni time, i couldn't be bother of these stuff.. hardly spend over hundred for a bag or clothes. Heh. Now i think i need more clothes. Been wearing the same clothes to work.. -_-!!

Need to get my salary asap.. else my savings will be drying up very very soon.. ggrrrhh.

PS : All the best to my younger bro on his SPM 2morrow and also to all other SPM candidate. Good Luck! -cheers-