Friday, November 24, 2006

Things' just getting worst.. someone please .. He's out of control!! That jerk is insane. That jerk is mad. That jerk is a jerk afterall. sigh. He's really playing with my friend's feelings towards him? It's so obvious that my friend deserve a better person than him. He's not that prefect afterall. Maybe he got the looks but what the heck.. we dont give a damn on his looks or whether he is famous or not. His heart...his thinking... his attitude.. his words...his whatever shit.. it just make me wanna puke sometimes...duh.He stir things up even worst than before. And me... what can i do?how can i help? i'm still figuring it out myself.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

When you open your eyes wide'll see just how many jerks around us. After you get to know that someone for quite a long time... you'll see their true colors and every single perception on that particular person totally change in a second. That's what happen. And i'm fed up of this one particular person who now i labeled as a jerk or bugger. Poor thing...this person just do all the things that make his/herself slip away from the circle and i didn't know whether he/she aware of it. Thinking back all the words my parents had told me before i came here.. " dont so easily trust on someone...there's many kind of people with different kind of thoughts and thinking in this world... dont get trap and stay out of problems and troubles..." And i have met this person here and this jerk really thinks that he/she had fooled us all but then "hey bugger...u ain't gonna play ur game now..we are gonna play the game.." *evil grin* -biatch-

Gosh...since when my post had been so dramatic and so much in rage?? duh....

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Busy days ahead. I'm having my Writing for Business Mid-term exam 2morrow. Darn. Studying this business thingy is like studying English....need to take note at all the tenses, pronunciation.. active and passive voice...blablablah.Sigh. Many many assignments and presentations are queuing in line for me. Mass Com's assignment, the Press Conference is on the way too. I never done any press conference thingy in my life before and i wonder how it would turned out to be as my role is as the main actress of a movie. Geezz...main actress?What a role.Darn. Right now the weather in KL can really make someone fall sick easily. I guess that's what hapen to my roommate.. she got fever yesterday. As for i can't get sick now..have to study for my exams and many assignments need to be done.Sigh.

Was in campus just now attending lecture and tutorial as usual but then there's this Softlense Promotion or something something going on at B3. So after class me and my friends went to take a look and get to know that we could get a free and when i say free its really FREE contact lenses.Since i got nothing to do at the why not i go get myself a new contact lenses rite? Line up to get free check and then line up again to get the lenses. Been waiting and waiting for my turn and heck.. some bugger jump queue!!! Basketts! So after a long wait...i get myself a new contact lenses for free at last. After my first pair of contact lense i wanted to buy another pair but good thing i din buy any.

The weather is killing me!!! It has been really hot and sunny in the day and then raining and raining at night.Geezz..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Are we drifting apart?Are we just pretending to be what we are not? Or are we just holding on to what we think are right all this time? No doubt i could be a patient fella.. but all this patients had its own limit.I might forget and forgive someone's mistake after a day but by hitting me with million times of mistakes just get into my nerves and it will stay there till the end. What are 'jimuis' or 'sisters' or should i just say 'close friends'.. actually mean in each and everyone of us? We have our own identity and standing. Do we really respect each other? Do we really see what each others needs and wants?Leaving all these questions here just wont solve any of our problem now. And when i say problem.. well, problem do occur among us. It did last time and again recently. And will there be another one? And another? and so on...?? We human beings are hard to understand and i wonder why. Bad attitudes start to appear more in a clearer vision nowdays. Bad attitude is all that make the world tumbling down. I mean is like what's up with playing that person's feelings when that person is so into you? Dont you just feel like a jerk for a second? Gosh... no offence..i do really need to use the word jerk and i mean it. At times.. I'm tired of putting fake smiles and spitting out fake words from my mouth. It's just so lame and pathethic. I dont hope for the worst in we 7 sisters... but what i'm frusfrated in is.. i dont know what the heck is in on of us mind. Not gonna mention any name...but i think that person should know who he or she is.